Good Habits When Dealing With Online Printers

June 24, 2013
by Shout Out Loud

Online printing has always been the fast and easy option to print your materials. You may already be using an online printer such as Shout Out Loud Print & Distribution to print your promotional materials, business cards and other paperwork. In this blog, I will share you a few of these good habits. These habits will help you talk to your online printer faster and make the whole process more manageable for both of you.

Check your file formats: First and foremost is the design file format. Many different online printers prefer certain kinds of file formats that they can process. So it is important to know, what your online printer prefers to receive which will make the whole printing process faster. For most online printers, file formats like Adobe Photoshop Documents or Quark Xpress files are ideal for use in their printers. With this type of format, they can easily edit or change the properties of the design so that they can adapt it for printing. Some though can make do with image files of your design such as JPG or PDF formats, which they can pass on to the printer immediately. However, image files can only be altered to a point which makes them less than ideal to send, especially if there are mistakes in the design. So, by knowing what file format your online printer uses, they can easily get the job done and delivered to you in no time problems or no problems. So it pays to know the best file format initially when you hire an online printer.

Check image resolutions: Next, are your image resolutions. As was touched on above, you can actually send an image file to your online printer for printing. Before sending it up though, it is a must to check your image resolution. The resolution basically refers to how detailed your images are per dot or line. Higher resolutions give good quality images, while lower ones look worse. So if you are sending something to an online printer for your design, you can make sure that it will look good by giving them a high resolution image of your design. The industry standard for printing is 300 dots per inch in terms of resolution.

Update your printing quotations: Also, don’t forget to update, refresh or ask once again about the rates of printing, or printing quotations for your usual printed works. In most cases, through several months printing prices might actually fluctuate depending on moderate demands. You do not want to be late in the news and send too little money for your printing job. So try to update your information about printing quotations first before entering into a transaction again. This is just so that you do not get too surprised if the rates go up or down.

Triple check your details: Another habit that you should form is to triple check all your printed content. The worst thing that can happen is if you have a typographical error or even a major design flaw get multiplied hundreds of times through printing. By triple checking your content you avoid this from happening and you save several hundred dollars in reprinting costs if it ever comes do that.

Timing: Contact your printer prior to submitting your job to confirm that they can achieve your timeline. Nothing is worse than ordering brochures for a conference in 3 days time and finding that the stock and folding you have selected takes 6. By contacting your online printer to double check turnaround times prior to submitting your orders, you can ensure your job will be ready when required or an alternate solution is offered if the product you want is not able to be produced in that timeframe.

Confirm by phone: Lastly, do not be afraid to confirm your order by phone. You must always want to make sure that your printing order is indeed being done by people. So try to ask information about where the order is at, the estimated time of arrival by delivery and of course the tracking number. This should be an assurance that your printing job is well on its way to production.

So integrate these habits when you can when doing online printing. These habits should save you quite a bit of time and worrying as you do business with online printers.